It’s amazing to me how easy it is as an adult to fall back into bad patterns that developed in childhood. I hate saying no and I hate talking about money, no matter what it’s about. I’ve recognized these patterns for years yet they’re so very hard to break.

Things 3 sync once again screws things up. Put a project on hold on my iMac last week. Tonight start Things on my MacBook Pro and 3 copies of that paused-last-week project show up in my Today view. WTH.

My Readwise subscription ends tomorrow. I will not be renewing as $96 is a huge ask for how much I use the service. The reader app has already been replaced with Omnivore. I had good intentions anyhow..

Very excited to see this post from Mozilla about Passkey support in Firefox. Firefox is my daily driver for this month and one thing I’m missing already is passkeys.

It’s October 1st and I’ve decided to break into box one of the Foiled Again notebooks from Field Notes. This was an act of courage I tell you as I’m terrified of marring them with my writing.

🍂🎃 Wow it’s October already… 🎃 🍂

My favorite month of the year! It’s hard to believe how quickly the rest of the year has gone but I think I say that almost every day. Been that way ever since I had kids 😂 I’ve got some new ideas brewing of how I should do things (an endless quest), and giving up some things that just aren’t working for me. on that list. I just don’t get that site. It’s like an ultra-boring version of Twitter. Less drama. Less…everything. I can’t believe I’m saying this but that leaves Mastodon ( Never thought I’d say that but here we are. At least on I interact with people vs. just yelling into the ether. Isn’t that what social media should be about?

It annoys the hell out of me how many developers who add Markdown support to their apps don’t give any details on what that means. Looking at KeepIt and he’s got no information at all which is annoying. This is not something “normal” users will be doing so give us a clue whats available.

Hell has frozen over. VSCO now available on the web (for pro sub users anyhow).

Happy to report that the Anybox dev finally responded and a bug fix is on its way.

OK who the hell would think a baseball Hall of Famer would be taking photos as a pro for the NFL? Ken Griffey Jr. at the Bears/Chiefs game today taking photos on the sidelines with the NFL photographers vest on.

Not happy with Anybox developer, especially after just paying almost $45 for the app. Sent a bug report and haven’t heard anything back from the guy. You’d think when the bug is about data loss he might be responsive. Starting to regret the purchase.

Somebody tell my Summer flowers that it’s Fall now…

Getting a bit tired of apps/services that promise me I can export my data then come to find the export doesn’t include ALL of my data (usually binary files).

Anybox users beware…data loss…

Just a public service announcement to anyone using Anybox. Don’t believe the dialog that pops up when you go to delete a source that says no documents will be deleted. Not only are they deleted but they don’t even go to the trash. Glad I had everything in still…

Welcome to a new week everyone! May everyone’s various Apple OS updates go well 😂

Back to work tomorrow after a week off. Should have taken two as I hardly ever take vacation. Was nice to have the time off regardless. Didn’t do a damn thing.

Trip to Chicago Botanic Garden

Instead of feeling like I’m poking myself in the eye reading social media I almost literally went to touch grass in Glencoe, IL. Beautiful weather here in Chicagoland today and my wife and I took advantage of it and got some walking time in at a beautiful place. Only several photos as I was more interested in just walking and spending time with my wife.

These water lilies are near the entrance as part of some fountains they have. Loved the way the sunlight/shadow was working for this first one.

Some wonderful color here. Hard to believe we’re at that time of year when it will be disappearing for awhile.

This photo was actually just a reminder for an idea for our own house for next year. This is in their “Enabling Garden” which has many examples of ways to garden in raised beds, containers, etc. so everyone can enjoy the experience.

Perspective. I need some.

Blocked my first person here tonight. I have no energy for zealots. Its so absolutely fucking exhausting. Someone so zealous that they’re willing to link someone who wasn’t happy with Apple’s environmental messaging during their iPhone event to bodies washing up on the beaches of Libya after flooding there. Absolutely disgusting behavior that is explained away with their zealotry. Dude needs to really take a step back and get some perspective.

So do I because I’m apparently too fucking stupid to stay away from stuff like that. Moth meet Flame. And worse I should have known better. I really, really should have known better. So maybe I’ll find something worth writing and posting but won’t be interacting for awhile until I can get a grip myself. This is so absolutely exhausting. It really is.


Really enjoying social media less and less. Stopped using Twitter again and not missing it. Threads is doing nothing for me. Nothing wrong with it but find there is little reason to be there. Checking in once a day elsewhere feels like enough right now. Is that weird? 😂