Yelling into the void…again

And so it begins… again…

I had decided to stop blogging (yet again. I’ve got history there.) because I didn’t see a point. Recent events have shown me that the point is so I can yell in to the void about stuff and get it off my chest, instead of trying to argue with someone on the Internet. If someone reads and responds so much the better but I’m switching focus to me instead of someone else. It’s my website to do anything I’d like as long as it’s not illegal.

This time I’ve got what I think is a better name for this blog, Echoville, to go along with the idea of shouting into the void that is the Internet and the only thing I’m hearing is myself echoed back. I also bought the corresponding domain name and it’s a bit cooler than”.

We’ll see how long it lasts. 😇

March 1, 2023