Why am I doing this?

Not in the blogging sense but why am I reacting the way I am?”

There has been a bunch of stuff going on lately that has been getting people a bit worked up on the Internet (the blogging Internet anyhow).1 What is more relevant is how I have been responding to all of it. It really is annoying me. I can’t stand when people do this, boycotting” at the drop of a hat. 2

But as I was sitting around earlier I started laughing at myself. Why do I care so much about any of this? Yes, I get annoyed at this type of behavior, but what exactly is trying to rebut any of it going to do? Likely I am not going to change anyone’s mind and just upset myself in the process.

I will have to write more on this in the coming days as it is something that really bothers me and it seems the only place I can safely talk about it is here on my own blog.

  1. Kagi has decided to include search results from Brave in their own search tool and this has triggered a bunch of people to quit their subscriptions because of the support of Prop 8 in California 15 years ago from Brave CEO Brendan Eich.↩︎

  2. In this case over things that happened over a decade ago, with little evidence that it has continued.↩︎

January 7, 2024