There is no perfect setup

Coming to the conclusion that maybe I need to broaden my horizons a bit when it comes to online publishing. Broadening can get expensive but when it comes to wanting to micro blog hosted Ghost isn’t the solution. I’m liking this environment so far when working on some longer-form things I’ve got in draft mode. But I really, really like being able to make short posts and Ghost, at least the hosted Ghost I can afford, doesn’t allow for posts without titles.

I’ve been using Mastodon a lot for short posts but Mastodon also doesn’t quite fit what I want either. I’ve come to really enjoy it for short, social interactions but it isn’t scratching the itch I need to scratch either. would.

Maybe it’s time to look into solely as a micro blogging engine and forget about longer-form posts there. It certainly can do that but I’ve had issues and concerns with it in the past. But maybe in the context of micro blogging, where I don’t care about header images (or editing themes to make it possible) and permalink formats it is the perfect solution.

$60 a year doesn’t seem like a huge ask. It certainly does add on significant cost if I pay for a year of Ghost Pro but in the end if I use it the cost really is minimal (not to mention I’ve been shedding other subscriptions. Hi Amazon Prime! Looking at you next!). Then of course I have this idea of a digital garden” wandering about in my head but not sold on that yet. The solution there would be Obsidian Publish which is not cheap and the utility of a digital garden” to me seems pointless for how I live.

Seems like I’ve got some thinking to do. But when I get this close to making up my mind it’s only a matter of time before a new subscription hits my credit card…

November 10, 2023