The What, and the Why

There is more discourse over at around the idea of self-censorship and my blasphemy of mentioning white, male, and straight”. Given my own involvement in all of this I thought it was a good idea to re-read what Patrick Rhone wrote about discussing politics online several years ago.

He wraps it all up succinctly with:

The what” is generally what separates us. I believe what ultimately unites us is found in the why”.

Online discourse is very good at focusing people on the what. It is generally terrible at allowing discourse and agreement around the why.

I was thinking about this in my own post when I said:

Unfortunately I think we’re in a time and place right now where that just isn’t possible, at least on the Internet. I’ve had very good conversations with all sorts of people on these topics in real life so it is possible.

This was a nod to what Patrick wrote. These conversations would be vastly different in real life. I know because I’ve had them.

I’d recommend to all parties to go and read this piece as well and take it to heart.

Me? I said what I said but I will follow Patrick’s lead and simply not engage in any of these conversations online anymore. Maybe I’m finally learning that it is pointless, frustrating, and exhausting. I’m already exhausted enough by everyday life. If anyone ever wants to have a discussion on these topics in real life I’ll be more than happy to do that but no more online discourse. I’m done with it.

February 10, 2024

Gallery Park