The LassPass dust-up

From the LastPass blog:

LastPass would like to alert our customers to a fraudulent app attempting to impersonate our LastPass app on the Apple App Store.

This app was (it’s since been removed) called LassPass” and I’m trying to understand how it was fraudulent. It wasn’t phishing for LastPass credentials. It allowed storage of password-like data. The pricing wasn’t even bad.

Per John Gruber over at Daring Fireball:

I was able to install LassPass earlier today, before Apple removed it. I think it’s just a blatant brand rip-off, not an attempt to phish the credentials from actual LastPass customers. The app itself doesn’t look like LastPass, and never prompts you to log into an existing LastPass account. Instead, the scam LassPass app tries to steer you to creating a pro” account subscription for $2/month, $10/year, or a $50 lifetime purchase. Those are actually low prices for a scam app — a lot of scammy apps try to charge like $10/week.

Where is the fraud here? Trickery by the name maybe but actual fraud?

And LastPass has little room to gripe given their history of security problems. I’d steer clear of both of these apps.

February 12, 2024