Still no way to pause repeating actions/tasks in OmniFocus 4

This seems like such a simple thing that it’s hard for me to believe that people have been asking for it for over a decade now and OmniGroup still has yet to implement this functionality.

In Things 3 any repeating task can be paused. It won’t reappear anywhere until unpaused and when unpaused it will pick up with the latest dates.

In OmniFocus, all versions, there is no way to accomplish the same thing. You can put the project the task belongs to on hold status but that only keeps it from becoming available. Assigning tags to the task and putting the tag on hold does the same thing. It does not stop the processing of due dates - or notifications! It’s astounding to me that they worked on OmniFocus 4 for 2+ years and never implemented this.

Another thing that is handy for repeating tasks is an end date, just like repeating calendar items that have an end date. Things 3 also has this. This is another feature that people have been asking about for years in OmniFocus and they still haven’t given a way to end tasks after a specific number of repeats or on a date.

I was hoping to give OmniFocus 4 a try for a bit now that it’s out of beta but this is a showstopper for me. I have many repeating tasks (some with/some without due dates) in my todo list and sometimes I need to put those on hold. Without a simple way to do this in OmniFocus I’m afraid it’s a non-starter at this point.

December 26, 2023