Beautiful day to split up some firewood 🔥

Pixelfed is not an Instagram replacement. That is all.

Saturdays are for...?

For me the answer to that question usually has been “try to cram in as much as you can that didn’t happen during the week”. Usually that’s revolved around chores, running errands, etc. But after 3 years of work-from-home, and being pretty comfortable with the idea that won’t change (my team is scattered all over the US so being in the office for me would have no benefit), I am slowly trying to change how I am approaching getting things done.

I am fortunate to have the ability to do most things during the work week and now I block off time during the day as required to do chores, run errands, etc. On my team at work the most important thing is “are we getting our stuff done?”, when that happens is far less important which is a blessing. I’m trying to rework my days from the decades-old practice of ‘“9-5” is for work’ to “work when you feel the energy to get those tasks done”. It’s a hard mindshift to make after working the “traditional” way for so long. It has been necessary though as of late with elder care coming into play which really affects my energy levels at any given time. My elder care situation isn’t even that challenging compared to what others have to deal with but it is a huge source of stress.

So now for me Saturdays are becoming my day of the week to unwind and completely relax. I don’t plan anything. Moving forward the idea is that Saturdays are for pure enjoyment, whether that be working on music, writing, or just sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing at all.

What do you do with your Saturdays?

Beyond excited that pre-season football is here. Bears game at noon! 🏈

Just going to put it out there: I can’t believe how sane this place is (meaning but counts for as well) compared to the horror I was experiencing over on Bluesky. That place is so toxic. Nothing is perfect but I’ll take (mostly) sane!

It’s official. I’ve moved over to the latest macOS Sonoma developer beta now that Rogue Amoeba has released initial test versions that are compatible. The beta has been very solid since the second beta, including working with both Google Drive and the Backblaze client. The future is now 😀

Hey I’ve got a Now page! Slowly but surely I will tackle this blog thing and make it into an online home!

Back to old habits…

More than one actually but two worth noting.


I’m almost embarrassed… no full-stop I am embarrassed… to admit I’m back on Twitter. The simple truth is everyone I want to follow in my areas of interest are still on there and that is where they post. Bluesky is a mess and Threads just isn’t there yet. Maybe it will be someday but that day isn’t today so I’ve swallowed my pride and I have a new account on Twitter.


I’ve tried other writing tools and so far I’ve not found one that I like as much as Ulysses, even if there is a yearly subscription. I like iA Writer but writing here in Ulysses again I feel like I’m home. I am lucky that I still had access to the $29.99/yr subscription level that I received years ago for being a customer when they first cut over to the subscription model.

One more thing…

And while I’m at it this is my first post back on to go along with my Ulysses subscription. I’ve looked and I haven’t found a community as good as what exists here. There are things about the site that aren’t perfect. I absolutely loathe the inability to change how URLs are built for my entries and I don’t like the format the team arrived at but I’m moving on. There is so much else here that is great. Manton and team are doing a great job.