On saving time”

L. M. Sacasas writing over at The Convivial Society some thought-provoking ideas about what is really saved when we’re saving time”. The bit that really stood out to me was:

I’m not suggesting that time and labor should never be saved.” The problem is that saving” time and labor have become default settings and social imperatives. Rather than wisely judging what labor or time can and ought to be saved,” our tendency is to buy into the promise indiscriminately.

The sense is that we might unlock some higher plane of existence if only we adopt a more efficient technique or outsource our involvement in a task to a new technology. Then and only then will we be able to do what really matters,” and what really matters” is always sufficiently vague to allow us to imagine that we are choosing these ends for ourselves and simply being empowered by new tools to achieve it.

I love this and in my own life and an example is the websites that I read with the endless reviews of new productivity” tools that promise the world. I’ll be able to be that productive too if I just start using this new note-taking app! Or maybe this new todo list app will finally get me organized! I’ll have so much more time! It’s all bullshit.

June 16, 2023