My /now page

Have made some changes. The blog went to self-hosted Ghost for a bit running on Pikapods. Very inexpensive and easy to get running. But Ghost still feels very much to me like it’s designed for newsletter authors and I’m not that. So I pointed everything back to Waiting to give Scribbles a try.

Killed Echoville” as my blog name. Read something about Beyoncé and trademarks of the name and don’t want any involvement in that so back to Notebook” for the time being.

Moved my Mastodon account from to the mothership instance at Have been wanting to do this for awhile. You can find me here:

Currently Reading…

The Templars’ Last Secret - A Bruno, Chief of Police novel (Bruno Chief of Police Book 10)

Currently Watching…

True Detective season 4 on HBO

Updated: 2024-02-10