Interesting change in the user interface of the Calm app that I noticed today. Whenever a meditation session is finished there is an option to do a mood check-in” with options ranging from good” moods like relaxed”, content”, etc. moving progressively to bad” moods like unsure”, anxious”, stressed”.

In older versions of the app that grid of choices had a gradient behind it ranging from cool blue colors for the good” moods to warmer, red-ish colors for the bad” moods. Now that gradient is gone which I think is a good thing. One of the things that mindfulness should be teaching is that there is no such thing as a good” or bad” mood, feelings just are what they are and are fleeting. Calm apparently noticed that they were, perhaps unintentionally, labeling those moods when they really shouldn’t have been. Kudos to the team for fixing that.

April 26, 2023