I’m done at micro.blog

Several days ago I wrote a short post asking myself why I was letting myself get upset because of a series of interactions on micro.blog. Well, after a several day period of political arguing it’s clear to me that, as much as I liked it in the past, micro.blog is not the place for me. After a long reply to a post, knowing full well I shouldn’t be replying, I got really, really angry. I’m tired of being angry. So as much as I liked the general community there, it was starting to feel very homogeneous with the same group of posters seemingly getting the most support in the Discover section of the site, including the person who I was allowing to get me upset.

Long story short: account deleted. I need to start protecting my mental health and being there wasn’t helping me accomplish that goal. I hope I can keep in touch with a handful of the folks from there either via blogs or Mastodon. But I’m done.

January 10, 2024