I have to admit to a brief fit of overzealousness. I announced that I was moving this blog to my Scribbles blog to have one place to post. I had intended to and I tried for a week or so. It’s very easy to post to Scribbles and Vincent, the developer of Scribbles, has been doing a wonderful job developing it. Unfortunately I like to tinker too much and Scribbles (and one of the things I love about it) doesn’t allow that.

Blot.im is where this blog is hosted. Blot can be very easy to post to if your needs are minimal, it’s a simple matter of dropping files into a folder if that’s all you want to do. That said it’s also a tinkerers delight if you want it to be. David, the owner, has made it possible to do as much, or as little, as you want for dirt cheap.

So the short version: I’ve decided to move my longer posts back here so I can have more control over them. That means changes in URLs again, learning how to create a template, etc. In other words, tinkering.

April 22, 2024