Hipstamatic is back”

I’ve been seeing lots of posts the last two days about it. The OG is back with a new social network!

Now, over a decade later, Hipstamatic is attempting a comeback, relaunching in the iOS App Store with new networking features similar to those that originally drove Instagram’s success.

But wait a second, Hipstamatic never went anywhere. I’ve been using it almost since day one. It’s still in the App Store and they’re still selling films, lenses, and flashes.

In fact they’re relaunching Hipstamatic X, their subscription service, this time with a photo sharing component and renaming it to Hipstamatic.

This isn’t even the first time they’ve had such a service. About a decade ago, to compete with Instagram, they launched Oggl as a serious” Instagram. So serious it was even a subscription service! Like Hipstamatic X it gave access to all existing and new filters. So even this is nothing new for the Hipstamatic team.

But with all of the backlash over social media I guess they figured now was a good time to test the waters but this time they have to compete with VSCO. While VSCO doesn’t have all of the crazy filters that Hipstamatic has I think it probably appeals to more people and the photo sharing service is better. Then there is Glass which doesn’t have a camera aspect but is a wonderful photo sharing site for a certain crowd.

Maybe Hipstamatic is hoping to get folks like me though who would post more but find a site like Glass far too intimidating. Wishing them luck!

March 23, 2023