Pete Brown writes:

Can we just start calling e-bikes motorcycles” and be done with it?


They are just motorcycles with electric motors.

The problems he describes seem mostly to do e-bikes that have throttles. But there are various classes of e-bikes and these bikes can do 28 mph only under the best of conditions (for reference I own a Rad Power Rad City 5 step-through that has a throttle. The best I’ve ever done on throttle-only is 25 mph and that was on flat road). On paths where you’re trying to move around people you’re not going to be hitting 28 mph while keeping control of the bike. Likely you’re going to be in the 10-15 mph range which is easily doable on a standard bike. The real problem is bikes in general being on paths with pedestrians, not just e-bikes. I’ve seen plenty of idiots on regular bikes.

The it’s just a motorcycle” angle also ignores that e-bikes open up fitness to many people who might not have been able to ride a regular bike due to health reasons or aging. If an e-bike now becomes classified as a motorcycle then you now have licensing requirements which takes it out of the reach of many people who would benefit.

May 1, 2024