Dumping Reddit isn’t the answer

Note: this is an old post that I had lying around in draft form and somehow missed posting it back in the day. I still think it’s relevant so posting today.

Saw this today from :

At the end of the day, reddit has always been a waste of time, so are the other centralised networks. It was foolish of us to put so much useful information on it. There is a lesson to be learned here: what we need isn’t the Threadiverse, we should go back to self-publishing, meaning, weblogs.

Bit of an odd statement there about Reddit being a waste of time. If it has always been a waste of time how is it that any useful information is there? Is it possible to waste a lot of time there? Sure but that doesn’t mean its a waste of time in the way implied in the quote (at least the way I am reading it).

I don’t post to Reddit but it certainly has been a useful resource over the years. The answer to Reddit isn’t blogs because lots of useful information comes out of people being together having conversations. Reddit is really no different than USENET newsgroups back in the day which had all of the same problems despite not being centralized.

I simply don’t buy into the idea that the solution to every problem is decentralization. The bigger problem is that people suck. Management at Reddit sucks and so does any Mastodon/Fediverse admin that simply blocks/defederates the coming Threads tool from Meta.

Reddit became the resource it did because of the people coming to it. That doesn’t change at all with any API pricing stuff going on or lack of 3rd party access to apps like Apollo. Does it suck for the people using those tools? Sure but that doesn’t make Reddit a bad resource all of a sudden.

January 7, 2024