Christmas trip to the Chicago Starbucks Reserve Roastery

If you’ve never had a chance to visit one of the Starbucks Reserve Roasteries you really should. I’ve taken my kids to the Chicago Roastery twice a year since they opened. The architecture is cool and their baked goods are fantastic. Each one has something unique and the Chicago store is definitely unique.

Central staircase at Chicago RoasteryCentral staircase at Chicago Roastery

Coffee bar at Chicago RoasteryCoffee bar at Chicago Roastery

Reserve coffee card wall spelling out ChicagoReserve coffee card wall spelling out Chicago

My kids and I went there on Saturday morning (12/23) to beat the crowds for a Christmastime treat.

I hadn’t planned on buying anything but of course I didn’t walk out of there empty-handed. Their Reserve beans are absolutely fabulous (but not cheap!) and this time they had a Puerto Rico coffee I wanted to try as well as a Chicago Roastery exclusive blend that I hadn’t seen before so of course I had to try that as well.

I was standing around waiting for my kids and one of the employees talked me into buying a panettone bread. They’re only available for two weeks, up through Christmas so I bought one of those as well as we love panettone.

Starbucks Reserve Panettone and coffeeEdited with VSCO SS1 Pro

The panettone is good. It’s not as panettone-ish” as a regular panettone and much more buttery. Not sure I’ll buy another one but it was tasty and worth trying once!

Starbucks PanettoneStarbucks Panettone

Starbucks Panettone CutStarbucks Panettone Cut

It was a fun trip, especially with the warm weather we’ve been having in Chicago this year and it’s always worth it for the pastries and the people watching.

December 25, 2023