Getting a bit tired of apps/services that promise me I can export my data then come to find the export doesn’t include ALL of my data (usually binary files).

    Welcome to a new week everyone! May everyone’s various Apple OS updates go well 😂

    Back to work tomorrow after a week off. Should have taken two as I hardly ever take vacation. Was nice to have the time off regardless. Didn’t do a damn thing.


    Thinking the Twitter/X experiment might be ending soon.

    One thing I do not like about the Tiny Theme (making the assumption it’s the theme anyhow) for is how it handles pictures. Everything is 100% width. Really need to look into changing that.

    Went outside this morning to see my Swamp Milkweed infested with these Oleander Aphids. The problem was neutralized…

    There are several things I really love about Tot from Icon Factory but the abysmal handling of indents is not one of them. It would seem in their zeal to keep things simple they forgot people might want to indent list items.

    Created my first Shortcut on iOS in years today. Nice way to get interstitial journals entries into Tot.

    Arguing with the developer of Anybox that it should have a KeepIt-like Finder integration feature. His argument for closing the request was “it’s not a file-based app”. The problem with that is any file can be dragged in it. He markets it as a “bookmarking” and “read later” app which is fine but not all things users want to read comes from the web. Also, since it doesn’t work with paywalled content, it’s a multi-step process to get PDFs of that content into Anybox to read later. All of this would be fixed if he added the ability to save directly into it from any app, easily accomplished via Finder integration ala KeepIt v2.

    How lame am I that less than a week after canceling/deleting my Fastmail account I got them to recover it and am setting everything back up? 😂 Just love this service too much to split it up into multiple others even if they are free.

    Interesting. Brave Search has an ad-free tier for $3/month. Really like the summarizer feature they’ve got. Results pretty good so far too.

    Waiting for the show to start…

    Bennett Gordon Hall - Ravinia

    Once again I’m amazed at the stuff you can find on the Internet. Found the set list for a Chicago (the band) concert I went to in 1987!

    Other social media sites need to copy the “leave this conversation” feature on Twitter. I don’t remember that one from the last time I was on there.

    They’ve arrived! I paid for a quarterly subscription to get the red ones. Probably needed some new notebooks anyhow… (I didn’t)

    Bit of a bittersweet day as I took the last of my kids’ “first day of school” pictures. Have one each year for my son from Kindergarten thru today, his senior year of HS (minus 2020 because of COVID).

    Braeden first day of Kindergarten Braeden first day of senior year

    Both Readwise Reader and Omnivore are truly terrible at saving webpages. Both fail regularly saving pages and I end up having to go to the website anyhow. Have given both more than a fair shake and it’s time to move on.

    I hate to say this but since rejoining Twitter and not getting involved with the outrage machine I’m not seeing any of the outrage machine. This is not what I expected. I have had nothing in my timeline other than stuff I’m interested in.

    Hillary Clinton being on MSNBC the night that the Georgia indictments are coming out is just delicious serendipity.

    While Americans broadly support renewable energy, polls show, they are less enthusiastic about having it in their backyard. One survey from 2021 found that only 24 percent of Americans were willing to live within a mile of a solar farm; the number dropped to 17 percent for wind farms.

    This is stupid and irrelevant. Most people aren’t going to be living close to something like this because they need to be in places with enough open land. Not like they’re going to plunk down a wind farm in the suburbs of some major metro.

    Because it’s like 65 here and raining and feels a bit like Fall. And because I can… 🍺

    At the beginning of the year I bought the domain from because it was the cheapest registrar I could find for .ws domains. Just getting around to using it and it is the worst admin website I have ever used for domains bar none.

    It’s official, I have canceled my Fastmail account.

    My energy level is pretty low today, in part because of lack of sleep, and in part because of the amount of stress I was under last week. I’m slowly learning that it’s important to listen to that and not worry so much about the to-do list. That stuff isn’t going away.

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