Awaiting a new Mac

Apple held their Mac announcement event on October 30th in the evening which was a bit odd for Apple but given the Halloween theme (and length. only 30 minutes!) it was appropriate.

I’ve been waiting on an announcement for a refreshed iMac which happened with this event but refresh is almost a strong work. Nothing changed other than the update of the processor from the M1 to the M3 and with the M3 the ability to have 24GB of RAM.

Mind you this is a huge upgrade in itself if Apple is to be believed on the speed increase and the extra RAM is nice but this is not the machine I wanted. I really wanted to get 32GB of RAM as the intent of upgrading is to consolidate the two iMacs I currently have: a 2019 5K iMac with Intel i9 chip and 40GB of RAM, which I use for music and audio, and the 2021 iMac with M1 chip and 16GB of RAM, which I use for everything else.

This year I’m switching things up a bit and instead bought a new 14” MacBook Pro. I love the iMac form factor but it just wasn’t going to do what I wanted. In returning to the laptop format I might also solve another issue I’ve had since getting progressive lenses in my glasses (none of us are getting any younger and my vision has always been terrible): having to look at odd angles at the desktop screen to see through the correct part of my glasses! With a laptop that isn’t a factor since you’re always looking down at the screen, through the correct section of the lenses. I also know this to be true given my experience with my work laptop (which happens to also be a MacBook Pro).

And of course I know find myself endlessly hitting the Apple Store app, refreshing the order status like it will change, even when the delivery date isn’t until the end of the month…

One last thing: Apple really gets you on the trade-ins. I am trading in my 2019 iMac and while I could get a lot more money selling on eBay the Apple trade-in experience is so easy I don’t want to be bothered with the eBay experience even though I’d easily make double the money. The thought of having to deal with people on eBay, then shipping the thing, is just too much.

November 3, 2023