About that Daily Note thing…

So my workflow is about capturing (almost) everything during the day in a daily note. It works well but for some reason I have this mental block for moving anything out of it.

The process should be if I have a journaling idea to put it in the daily note, tag it with #journal, and then move it out of there at the end of the day to Day One where I keep my journal. I do copy the entry over there but then have this thing where I start to think about the daily note being empty and it causes me anxiety. This is beyond ridiculous.

The thing is I don’t really want the entries in Obsidian for stuff like journaling, but for some reason I have this mental block about moving anything out of that note completely. It gets worse if the note is then empty after moving stuff. At that point I feel that I haven’t accomplished anything.

So I’m now trying to come up with some strategy about how I’m going to deal with that and get some sanity back. Maybe it’s just a placeholder noting that I journaled something that day and it was moved. This might work well since todo items get left in but with an indicator that they were moved to my todo app Things.

This is what happens when you tinker with stuff too much, and more importantly overthink systems.

April 29, 2023